The Importance of Knowing your Body Type:

Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph are all terms you will hear when people are referring to their body types.  Knowing which of the 3 is your dominant body type will help you decided the most effective way for you to train your body and get results.  

To determine which type you have, we recommend scheduling a body assessment appointment.  Presently we are offering them for $55, which includes your initial measurement, and a follow up appointment to see how far you have come within a training period.

We have had great results with quite a few members who have tried it out.  One in particular was able to gain 5lbs and reduce her body fat percentage from 18% to 17% in a month!  Her first step in achieving this was figuring out what type of training her specific body type would respond to best, then focus her workouts around the result.  She was more then pleased at the end of her follow up appointment to say the least!