Trail Running in Winter - Free introductory talk and run

FREE to members and non-members, Thursday 8th December 9am

Do you love to trail run but don't feel confident running in Whistler with winter conditions?

Here at Whistler Creek Athletic Club we have a short talk by our sponsored ultra marathon athlete Peter Armistead.

What you will learn:

  • How to run in snow
  • How to run in snow
  • Where the good routes are in Whistler
  • What the correct gear to buy is and where to get it in Whistler
  • What works and what doesn't - crampons/snow shoes/Gore-Tex trainers          
  • Know the correct base layers needed to stay dry and warm

We will finish our talk with a question and answer sessions and an optional trail run with Peter and Allie Higgs Whistler Creek Athletic Clubs strength and conditioning coach.


Running in snow is not only amazing exercise but great fun too, why not mix your workout up!?