Fitness Resolutions

Fitness is a foundation habit, this means it has a positive impact on other aspects of your life such as your nutrition, sleep and mental focus. For this reason it is a great place to start to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Here are some tips for maintaining a new fitness regimen:


1) Be realistic. Build the behavior first, then add intensity later. If you are specific about what you want to achieve and make the routine easy to begin with, you are more likely to follow through. Educating yourself on where to start and how to progress is useful to avoid injury and promote effective change.


2) Be accountable. Most people find it easier to be accountable to a friend or a trainer than to themselves. Having someone to keep you on track for the days when motivation is low can be very helpful.


3) Define your why. The reason you want to become fitter is usually not because you want to lose 30lb or because you want to do 50 push ups. They may be useful measures of progress, but the real why is usually related to having a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you want to keep up with your kids, ski more often, have more energy. This why is important to define, as it will help keep you engaged with your goal.


4) Don’t punish yourself for little slips along the way. Remind yourself that a missed session doesn’t mean you failed. You are developing your lifestyle habits, and every step towards that routine is a positive one.


Here's to a healthy and happy 2017!