Calf Smashing And Ankle Mobility

Some of you may have seen our personal trainers, or staff members performing something called a calf smash lately.  It doesn't look painful, but trust us it can be.  To achieve the effects of a calf smash you will need a partner, although you can do it on your own but the effects won't be as satisfying.

With a partner, grab a foam roller and have one of you lie down with your back flat on the ground.  Then place the foam roller under the top part of the calf and apply downward pressure, slowly roll the leg from side to side.  The amount of pressure you apply is up to you and your partner.  Move the foam roller from the top of the calf down to the ankle region.  Once done one calf, switch sides and restart the process!  

If you do not have a partner, grab a foam roller and move one calf onto the roller.  Cross the opposite leg over your shin to add pressure, and roll your calf from side to side over the roller.  To add more pressure, uncross your legs grab a weight and a foam pad, or yoga mat folded a few times, and complete the same movement while holding the weight in place.

Improving mobility in your ankles can increase your strength, reduce pain in your knees, andreduce your risk of injury.  The exercise that ankle mobility will affect the most is your squat.  Without a full range of motion in your squat you wont be able to generate all the force you're capable of.