Do you want to run the Whistler 10k/Half Marathon and don’t know where to start? Want to build on a past performance? Want to enter with a team and be coached by highly trained professionals?

Whistler Creek Athletic Club is offering a 12 week training program for the Whistler 10K/Half Marathon, run by Personal Trainer Allison Higgs. It includes:

  • Strength and conditioning support throughout

  • 24 classes: Mon and Wed 7am-8am plus 11 endurance runs Friday 7am-8am

  • Cardio endurance and interval training

  • Nutritional Advice

  • Additional guest training from our professional ultra marathon athlete

*Bonus – Discounted 3 month gym membership and free access to WCAC Running Club.

This course has LIMITED AVALIABLITY, and starts on Monday 14th March. Also, EARLY BIRD entry for the event closes 28th Feb 2016! See http://www.whistlerhalfmarathon.com/ for event info and registration.


We all have different reasons for running, but events like the Whistler 10k/Half Marathon help connect people by creating a common target we can all strive for. Sometimes looking out the window on a wintery day can dissolve your motivation, yet knowing that others will be with you to share the experience can often be the difference between staying in and getting out the door. Joining a group of like minded people is also one of the best things you can do to help you clarify and respect your goal, and to follow through on it. It may be that your goal is to finish, maybe you have a specific time in mind. Either way, training with a group often instigates big improvements, and the vocal and moral support of our friendly gym community will enhance your experience!

Our Dynamic Endurance Running Program is an all inclusive 12 week course that will get you to the finish line of the Whistler 10k/Half Marathon. It caters for those tying up their laces for the first time, and also for hardcore runners who run up mountains every morning before we even get out of bed. We all have one thing in common, we want to reach our potential and be supported through a conditioning program that’s going to make us feel stronger and faster than ever. It doesn’t matter about your pace, how far you can run, or if you color-coordinate your outfits, everyone is welcome! And lets be honest, running makes you hungry, so a group breakfast date after training will surely be a common occurrence!

One of the great things about this program is the holistic approach, with programming that builds your training volume gradually, breaking down your goal into week-by-week progress, as you move through specific training phases.

PHASE 1 – Stability and Base Fitness

We first make sure your can stabilize through your core, to protect your spine and make sure you have a solid base with good posture. We then consider your lower body mechanics, making sure you are utilizing all the right muscle groups. This phase has short distances, low intensity, and aims to build a fitness and strength base. It eases the body into training to prevent injury, by concentrating on balance, core control and muscle recruitment patterns.

PHASE 2 – Aerobic Endurance and Strength

Distance begins to slowly increase, and we start to develop pacing goals. The purpose of this training phase is to slowly push the cardiovascular system and begin to prepare for harder and longer runs. We start to add weight to exercises, to improve strength relative to your own body weight.

PHASE 3 – Power and Peak Running

The volume and intensity of the running training plan will be at its highest, eventually exceeding the race distance. High intensity workouts with low volume will compliment the running training. Explosive full body movements will improve muscle and tendon stiffness, which has been shown to improve running economy.

PHASE 4 – Taper, Maintenance and Recovery

Finally we decrease the loading and work on mobility to reduce any tightness so you will feel nimble and energized for race day! This phase gives the body some time to recover from the intense training while still maintaining a high level of fitness. The entire focus is on getting to the line feeling strong and healthy. Strength training will target maintenance, with the rest of the time spent on stretching and foam rolling to promote recovery.

An added benefit of this program is that the functional work we focus on for running, funnily enough also applies to everyday life. It will teach you about how to look after your body so you can maintain your active lifestyle into the future!


As the buzz of this event has been building in the gym, terms like ‘striking pattern’ and ‘pacing’ have been thrown around. While most of the population cares very little about these words, they will become your jam. You and your training buddies will discuss these at length, whether you are super-competitive, or participating as a first timer. There is no need to fear being 'slow', because really, nobody cares. You are making new friends, looking after your body, and above all… having fun!

To register your interest, email allie.wcac@gmail.com or drop in!

See you at the gym,