Free Group Physiotherapy and Personal Training Seminar - Are you moving correctly??

"Performance is what drives the human animal, but the human animal can be brought to an abrupt halt by dysfunctional movement patterns"- Kelly Starrett- Becoming A Supple Leopard

Living in Whistler the majority of us are active using a variety of sports with differing levels of extremes to achieve the desired effect whether it be progressing in a sport or just wanting to feel and look great! 

However when working out or on the mountain numerous times we injure ourselves or at the very least see the potential to do so! With this in mind we at W.C.A.C started to ask questions to each other and our members;

  • How best do we avoid injury? 

  • Once an Injury has happened what is the most effective way of rehabilitating?

  • Do you know how a joint should move properly?

  • What is the proper posture to maximise the full joint movement? 

This is where physiotherapist and friend of Whistler Creek Athletic club Marie Helene Legeult comes in, we want to provide a free seminar to help out our Whistler locals and provide assistance where you need it most;

 "I want to cover the movement topic explaining how a joint should move properly in an adequate biomechanical setting, focusing on posture to maximise the full joint movement, and the common abnormalities I see in the clinic that causes injuries, I would love to cover the neck and shoulder complex and spine as these are some important areas that can be forgotten!"

Obviously, we don't want this to be an anatomy class, the session will be interactive, show simple postural exercises, have you trying them out with the added assistance of our personal trainers for one on one advice and a question and answer session on your postural/mechanical issues. 

What we intend with running this session is to inform you about proper body mechanics and give useful tips that you can use while training at the gym or on the mountain to prevent injuries and also how to recognize if you are developing an injury that requires physiotherapy treatment.

Please join us Free to members and non members - 9th March 7:00pm at Whistler Creek Athletic Club