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Do you want to improve your running so you can go further and faster, but you’re not exactly sure what to do? Want to learn how to build your own program?

Whistler Creek Athletic Club is offering a 4 week series to guide you through the four main phases of a conditioning program. The course includes:

  • Video analysis of your running technique and feedback for improvements.

  • An example workout for each of the four phases of a conditioning program, and tools to progress or modify to suit your needs.

  • Advice on appropriate running volume for each phase.

  • 4 practical sessions: Tuesday 7-8am, one for each phase, where we will explain some key exercises and how to execute them correctly.

  • Coached endurance runs Friday 7-8am.

  • Technique coaching and support throughout from Allie, one of our Personal Trainers, who specializes in Biomechanics and Strength & Conditioning.

This course has LIMITED AVAILABILITY, and starts on Tuesday 3rd May.

Email: or drop in to register your interest.


A common question runners often ask is- should I be doing strength training while I am preparing for an endurance event? Often if you need to ask, the answer is no. Simply doing it because you think you should is unlikely to get you the results you desire, so it may end up being a waste of energy. This series is designed to guide you through the four phases that you should be integrating into your programming in the lead up to a big event or sporting season. We will use running as our primary example, as the foundations can be applied to many activities.

Our Fast Track Running Conditioning Series is an all inclusive 4 week course that will give you tools to build your own program. It begins with the foundations of stability and alignment, then builds strength and power, and also teaches you some maintenance techniques. Each session represents a training block which should go for at least 3 weeks (depending on your experience), so keep in mind that we do not expect you to rush through the phases this quickly!

SESSION 1 – Proprioception & Balance

This phase focuses on injury prevention, by concentrating on balance and muscle recruitment patterns. We first make sure your can stabilize your trunk and upper body. We then consider your lower body mechanics, making sure you are utilizing all the right muscle groups.

SESSION 2 –Strength

Using the movement patterns established in Session 1, we consider adding weight to exercises. This phase aims to improve strength relative to your own body weight, and even out any imbalances.

SESSION 3 – Power

The volume and intensity of the running training plan should be at its highest, so this session will focus on high intensity workouts with low volume. Explosive full body movements will improve muscle and tendon stiffness, which has been shown in the research to improve running economy.

PHASE 4 – Mobility

The final phase has reduced running volume, and focuses on mobility to work out any tightness to get you feeling nimble and energized for race day! This phase gives the body some time to recover from the intense training while still maintaining a high level of fitness. The entire focus is on getting to the line feeling strong and healthy. Strength training will target maintenance, with the rest of the time spent on stretching and foam rolling to promote recovery.

By the end of this series you will know how ease your body into a program that can prepare you for anything!

Email: or drop in to register your interest.