Invest in your adventure

From the mountains to the sea, Helly Hansen has been at the forefront of creating products that allow the coexistence of nature’s powerful forces and the adventurous human spirit. Their brand promotes and exemplifies the incredible lifestyle that we’re lucky enough to lead here in Whistler.


An integral part of enjoying the on-mountain activities that we love so deeply is having the proper strength and endurance to take us from dawn until dusk. I am grateful that for the last 8 weeks, I’ve been able to team up with Helly to offer free training sessions to locals and tourists alike as a means to maintain our healthy, active lifestyles.


Our activities challenge all facets of our bodies’ capabilities – cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, functional stability and comprehensive mobility. We’re often at the mercy of Mother Nature’s unpredictable whim. What we can control, however, is how our bodies respond to such stimuli. Using the controlled environment of a gym or training studio is the perfect opportunity to prepare us for the endeavors that lay ahead.


Investing in a mere few hours of training throughout the week can reap insurmountable benefits in all of our beloved activities. Not only will our adventures become easier but we will walk away with less pain and less injury. Did you know that strengthening your glutes will help eliminate low back pain and knee discomfort following a massive hike? If you can’t squat “ass-to-grass” without rounding your back or caving in at the knees, your risk of injury is greatly amplified. Or did you know that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can simultaneously improve your muscular strength and aerobic capacity?


I am passionate about teaching proper movement mechanics and training techniques to help you enjoy the activities you love while maintaining a healthy and happy body that’s ready for anything you throw at it.


Huge thanks to Helly Hansen Whistler for giving me a platform to share my knowledge and passion with the community!

Free class every Wednesday 6:30pm at Helly Hansen store Blackcomb Way, Whistler

Meaghan Sutter -