A Beginners Guide to Ultra Marathons - Practical Tuition From Peter Armistead

Reflections from the Fat Dog 120

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16th September 7am -8am OPEN TO MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS


If you have been thinking about getting into ultra running, you have probably second guessed yourself when you think about how much there is to learn, and how painful it may be to learn these lessons the hard way. The good news is- you don’t have to learn the hard way. Whistler has an incredible community of experienced ultra runners, including our very own Peter Armistead.

 Peter is a competitive ultra trail runner and has placed on the podium at 50, 75 and 100 mile races.  Most recently finishing 10th taking 33 hours exactly, this August in the Fat Dog 120 – an ultra marathon known as one of the most challenging in the world and finishing 1st place this June in the Tenderfoot Boogie.

Before getting into the sport of Ultra running, there are a few things to be considered. The most obvious is distance. Ultra Running is great for people that are goal-driven, or for those who aspire to be! Patience and hard work over a long period of time will definitely make these events more rewarding. Another factor is travel. Ultra running allows you to experience travel destinations from a whole new perspective. It really allows you to spend time with local runners and immerses you in nature. It really is unique!

This is the second in our series ultra marathon training for beginners, on the one hour trail run we plan to stop intermittently to discuss aspect of ultra running specifically focusing on Peter’s recent experience completing the Fat Dog 120 we will allow time for discussion, information sharing and questions.  Topics may include:

-          Pacing in longer distance runs/races- How to run the uphills/downhills, heart rate, and     strategy.

-          Nutrition, hydration and salts.

-          Gear choices…socks and shoes, backpacks

-          Lessons Peter has learnt from running 100 milers specifically focused on his recent experience in the Fat Dog 120

-          Training for longer races. What do Peter’s weeks look like?  How to prepare to run for 31hrs straight.

In this trail running experience you will be guided through varied terrain, all of which is in lovely condition right now!

Email: info@whistlergym.com for more information or to sign up.