Why Run?

As humans our bodies have evolved to walk, run, balance, jump, climb, crawl, swim, throw and catch. Our bodies thrive on being in the outdoors, in the fresh air and the sunshine. Movement releases endorphins, which naturally clears the mind, decreases stress and radiates positive energy.

Our movement culture has evolved so that we minimize the movement required to navigate our lives. We no longer have to walk or run to get food or water, we rarely need to sit on the ground, and we can exist completely sedentary. Running is an example of an activity we participate in to provide the movement and outdoor time we desire. Unfortunately it is common for people to stop soon after they start, due to over-exertion and associated pain.

The reason running is often associated with ‘overuse injuries’ is not that we run too much, it is usually because an improper movement pattern is repeated over and over. Unfortunately very few people run with an efficient gait day after day, because our gait is affected by the other things we do in our day, and also what we have done in the past. For example we sit for extended periods of time, which causes changes in our body such as tightening quads and hip flexors, inactive glutes, and a rounded shoulder posture. Then we either spend time and money correcting these things, or we don’t, and we end up with pain and damage when we participate in an activity that requires us to absorb impact or load. This doesn’t mean sitting is the problem, nor does it mean running is the problem. The ratio between moving to not moving is. Running allows us to increase the amount of movement in our day, and gives us a physical goal to strive for. However, if we just run without care for the imbalances our sedentary behavior is creating, our bodies will be under a lot of stress. If we restore our body to good function first, running will not only be more comfortable and efficient, but it will become a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle that works against the negative effects of our sedentary culture, so we can move towards a more active existence.

This is the basis for the development of our running course. We want to help you become mindful of the impact your daily activities are having on your body, so you can learn how to undo any potential for damage. We will show you how to improve your running technique, by teaching you foundation movement patterns that will become your milestones for effective movement. These principles relate to running, but also to an endless number of other activities. You will be supported by three experienced professionals so you can absorb as much information as possible. This course will not only help you run so you can be part of one of the most beautiful events this town has to offer, but you will learn how to care for your body so that you can continue to move well and have a very active future.

Happy running,