Absolute Barre - Whistlers Most Unique Fitness Class!

Looking for a totally different fitness class?! Look no longer Absolute Barre is here!! But what is it?

The best elements from dance, Pilates, yoga, and functional training and created a unique cocktail that gives you the type of fitness buzz you only get from an entirely satisfying and exhausting workout. A variety of exercises that incorporate the use of mini-balls and small weights make Absolute Barre the most fun way to flatten your abs, firm your behind, and sculpt your body.

Lauren will be teaching the class every Tuesday 5:45pm in our newly renovated studio, Lauren is a Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and certified Total Barre instructor. Born and raised in Jersey, near by her local dance school.

She is a lover of life and will enthusiastically try almost any opportunity handed to her. After training as a dancer for nearly 20 years, Lauren started using other types of movement (mvmt) such as yoga to balance her life and the activities she loves to do. She became a certified Yoga teacher whilst living in Sydney, Australia.

Now based out of Whistler, BC Lauren has never stopped dancing and moving. Understanding the value of the Ballet Barre as a tool for strengthening and limbering, she was inspired to bring the now well-known Barre Fitness trend to this outdoor capital.

Whistler is a place where people from all over the world can participate in pretty much any sport. Their minds are blown away by the landscapes and the adrenaline, but their bodies are often worn out. Barre is an amazing tool for building flexibility, but most of all for building strength and muscle endurance. Targeting many of the stabilizing muscles and smaller muscle groups, it is excellent for injury prevention as well as recovery.

Why not join us, our first class is scheduled 5:45pm Tuesday 3rd April please pre book on Lauren's website absolutemvmt.com/schedule/

Non member price: $15

WCAC member price: $10.50