So you're interested in Personal do you pick which type is best for you?

What is Personal Training?

No cookie cutting here. The main point of Personal Training is its ‘Personal’ and customized to you and your needs! A knowledgeable Personal Trainer will create a customized exercise program for you, designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals. A trainer will also take into account special considerations such as existing medical condition, pregnancy, post-rehabilitation, medications when creating a program exclusively for you.

The key benefits to all types of Personal Training is you will be given the tools to know correct technique, your motivation will increase dramatically as you will be held accountable by a third party. So many clients who come to us say they are bored of their current regime, if you want to keep fitness fun and exiting then this is definitely for you!

Benefits of One on One Personal Training -Mandy Dobbs

Coaching one to one is ideal if you have a very specific fitness goal. For example, if you are an athlete training for a competition, just wanting to increase your general fitness or if you have an injury. Your goals might be so individual that an all-round general strength-based programme might not be appropriate. The one to one road is also the one to follow if you are recovering from a serious injury where your session needs to be personalized and tailored to help you recover and avoid any new injury.A trainer will be present the whole time to ensure you're maximizing the efficiency of your workout.

Key Benefits of One on One training;

  • The trainer will take into affect your 'personal’ state of health and fitness

  • Rehabilitating injuries

  • Protecting your body from injury

  • Encouraging ongoing, progressive strength training

  • Promoting cardiovascular training, as well as flexibility to ensure a well-round, personally effective fitness regime

If you think this is for you why not book a complimentary consultation with one of our Personal Trainers today, we offer both in gym and external Personal Training options.

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Online Personal Training - Jack Murray

This is the big new comer to the Personal Training options. Much like one one one Personal Training you will have personalized plan built up for you. But unlike the gym you will carry your coach with you everywhere you go.

This enhanced form of training with an awesome user interface allows the trainer and client to work very closely on detailed workout and meal plans. Have your workout calendar perfectly organized, tracked and with workout videos to guide you.

The key benefits of Online Training;

  • Regular coaching and goal setting calls with your trainer to set new targets and challenges

  • You can progress at your own pace taking one goal at a time

  • If you are having trouble putting your plan into action then you and your trainer will work together to trouble shoot the problems and find a solution.

  • Online training is affordable and will keep you accountable and motivated through the challenging times.

  • You can do online training wherever you are in the world and with limited equipment and space!

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Group Personal Training - Robyn Carney

Most people work best in a group environment. It creates an exciting atmosphere. You are more motivated to push yourself harder in your training with others around you. If the other people training with you are getting on with their workout it will drive you to do the same. In a group session you will be focused on your training and getting more out of your session than if you were training alone in the gym. Remember a coach is there to make sure you are training safely, effectively and proficiently not counting your reps. Group Personal Training makes workouts fun with more people - the more the merrier!

Key Benefits of Group Personal Training;

  • You gain accountability - me (the trainer) and your friends

  • Personal to you, your goals. Not just a generic circuit training class.

  • Still get the personal training aspect - with a trainer watching and correcting your technique and teaching you the right way to do exercises

  • Flexibility of when you do the workout - can work around your schedule and change to suit you.

  • Healthy competition with your friends instead of just working you vs you.

  • Motivate each other and push one another to work hard during sessions

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Ok, so you have decided which types of personal training suits you, your life style and budget, now what?? If you are in the Whistler area why not come in for a complimentary consultation and figure out your goals with one of our expert trainers

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Now you are set with all the information to start your journey with the best type of Personal Training for you, its now time to enjoying living you’re best, healthiest life possible!

Yours in health,

The WCAC Personal Training Team