Best Way To Fail

You’ve been working out consistently and pushing your limits for some time now. You are feeling better, you have more energy, you are starting to feel stronger and more confident. But you are not seeing the results of all your hard work as much as you’d like just yet.

So you start doing a bit of research about what else you should be working on to get the look AND performance you are after. You learn about the importance of sleep, and daily movement outside the gym, and hydration, and diet.

But you know what? Implementing all those changes is THE BEST way for you to fail.

By trying to do it all, you do nothing

By trying to do too much, too fast, you will likely just get overwhelmed with the amount of “work” you have to put into your day-to-day life. When you are stretched thin making all these efforts to change our habits, all it takes is one bad night’s sleep, or one frustrating day at work, or one day of bad weather where you miss your daily run to set you off. And just like that, you’ve failed.

Baby steps

A better way to approach changing your routine would be to take baby steps and make small changes one at a time. For example, if you want to improve your diet in order to lose a few pounds and show off all the hard-earned muscle you’ve been building in the gym, you could elect to start by eating vegetables with at least 2 meals (instead of vowing to never eat junk food again).

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Murphy’s Law

To take it even a step further, let’s be realistic and plan for things to go sideways. It’s Murphy’s law: whatever can go wrong, probably will. To go back to our example, you could decide to set a goal to eat vegetables with at last 2 meals for 4 days this week. Sure, it won’t give you the perfect vegetable-eating report card your perfectionist self might be hoping for, but it gives you a realistic, attainable target to shoot for.

The goal is to set a starting goal that is almost too easy - something you FOR SURE can achieve. From there you get to build momentum! The following week, nothing stops you from setting a (slightly) more ambitious goal for yourself. That way, over time, you will build sustainable healthy habits that will become second nature to you, and the results will follow tenfold.

But isn’t it laziness to start small?

Know that taking small steps DOES NOT make you lazy. In fact, it shows that you are committed to making long-lasting changes. It may take slightly longer to get the results you are after at first, but the momentum you are building by ensuring the changes you do make are sustainable will snowball into much greater impacts.

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Getting started

A great way to get started is to do so with a group! That way, you can get inspired and supported by everyone’s accomplishments. However, don’t let FOMO get to you and resist the urge to take on everything at once!

It is with all this in mind that I created Choose Your Adventure, a 4-week free challenge designed to help teach you how to implement key nutrition and lifestyle pieces that will move the needle in the right direction.

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The Challenge starts on Monday, March 18. You can find more information about it here, or head over to Facebook and request to join

What do you have to lose?

About the Author

Clo Godbout is an online nutrition coach based in Whistler. She has partnered with the Whistler Creek Athletic Club to bring you up to date, actionable nutrition information. Day to day, she helps her clients get out of their own way to reach the goals they set out for themselves, and educates them on how to maintain their results over time.

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