Are YOU Ready to Make a Change? 8 Week Challenge Now Open for Contenders

We often set out with the intention of deciding we are going to get on that health kick, change the fitness routine, start looking for healthier food options, only to fall short of those goals or fail to maintain results for any length of time. It’s not just down to eating all the wrong foods or that we didn’t know the best workouts. While those are both major factors, the real problem is the failure to incorporate the right habits and behaviours consistently into our lives. 

As I am sure most of you are aware these are some the results of lasting and sustainable change through increased fitness and conscious eating

  • Feeling confident

  • Increased energy

  • Building momentum to achieve more tasks

  • Improved sex drive

  • Better skin

  • Stronger immune system

    The list goes on!

8 week challenge whistler gym Jack Murray

There is literally every reason in the world for why setting a goal to improve your health and fitness will change your life.

If you are unconvinced, I shall detail out for you the long, long, long list of reasons this will rock your world… seriously.

You're probably reading this thinking, okay then friend… educate me.

Okay then buddy… I will!

Once you get exercising regularly, your metabolism speeds up and all of your bodily functions will start happening more efficiently, giving you more energy, stronger immune system and better hormone balance. This could even help you in your average day to day life from performing simple tasks as opening that tightly screwed on lid of the jam jar, killing it at work with your lazer focus or even in the sack… nudge nudge…

If you have lots of small nutritional deficiencies, then your body will perform sub-optimally, it goes without saying, that if your car needs oil and you don’t give it that regular oil change, it will eventually break down.

Just imagine you are a car.

By getting adequate nutrition our body runs smooth, efficient even fast for some of you… Others might be happy to settle with just smooth, either way the benefits are endless.

Once you set that first goal down and achieve it, that's like getting turbo attached to your car giving you momentum going forward. Vroom.

With all this in mind I now want to challenge YOU to make that change you've been waiting to make

Ok so here is the deal;

Jack Murray 8 week challenge whistler gym whistler creek athletic club

I will be your personal trainer for the next 8 weeks - starting June 10th, not only will you feel and look amazing but we have added that extra incentive of being able to win our biggest giveaway EVER!

So here's the challenge, if you choose to accept it, make the biggest body composition change possible during these 8 weeks. 

This challenge will: 

  • Educate you on how to succeed

  • Create habits for sustainable results

  • Daily check-ins to keep you accountable 

  • Weekly fat burning workout with a program to achieve the results you want.

    You will be making a great change in your life and on top of that you will be competing for a killer prize.

    Whoever can make the biggest change will be the challenge winner!


  • 6 month membership

  • 6 Personal Training sessions

  • Huge Stock of supplements including the full sport line from Vega 

  • The glory of victory

    Now its time to pick which option will fit into your hectic schedule…

    In Gym Option - Classes in Whistler

  • 1 group training class with a weekly workout program  (Friday's at 7:30am)

  • 3 private body composition assessments - sit down with personal trainer to discuss challenges and strategies for your goals.

  • Nutritional coaching

  • Weekly educational emails and challenges

  • Daily check ins, accountability and motivation

    Online Option - Workout Class and consultations online

  • Weekly workouts, full body programmed schedule you can do anywhere!

  • Nutritional coaching

  • 3 private body composition assessments, via video call with your personal trainer to discuss challenges and strategies for your goals.

  • Weekly educational emails and challenges

  • Daily check ins, accountability and motivation

  • OPTIONAL: Body composition measurements (within the gym) 

    PLUS Option to purchase 2 month gym pass for only $89