8 Week Challenge - transformation winners, find out how this could be you in September!

If your goal is to have great results in the gym we can't rely on just hard workouts alone to get you there. Great results come from a combination of intelligent workout plans, getting adequate nutritional, proper recovery protocol, patience and discipline.

The 8 Week Challenge - Body Transformation

8 weeks ago I took a group of 14 people and I set them all challenge to achieve the biggest body composition change possible.

Whoever won, not only would have the glory of sweet victory, but would win a 6 month membership, 6 personal training sessions and stock of Vega sports nutrition.

Now as you imagine the chance to get into better shape and win our biggest giveaway ever is a pretty sweet goal, so I had a group full of people determined to do their best.

The group was made up of people of all ages, genders and fitness levels. Everyone had trained hard at one point of their life, but they had struggled recently to get the body composition results they so craved.

Personal Training

I gave everyone the tools they needed to get the job done. We started by understanding what was the necessary nutrition and portion size to start burning off body fat and building lean muscle. 

Week by week we progressed from one program to the next, steadily increasing the load, volume, complexity and intensity of the workouts.

We added new habits and behaviours each week, steadily educating ourselves on how to make this transformation a lasting lifestyle change.

You don't need to train 7 days a week on an extreme diet, in fact you can have great results from training just 3 days a week with a balanced diet. As long as you are consistent the results WILL come.

By week 4 of the challenge, you could see the change.

Everyone was experiencing brilliant results.

Some remarked on how they had trained far more regularly in the past and not seen nearly as good body changes.

I am incredibly proud of everyone's effort, but In the end someone had to win.  I had 3 finalist standouts, and it really came down to the wire to see who won!

Our victorious winner was Charles Mcconnell achieved the biggest transformation;

  • Dropping 13lbs from 178 to 165 lbs

  • Losing 14% body fat

  • 4 and a half inches from his waist

  • Gaining 26 lbs in lean mass

Closely Followed by the lovely Abi Ryall;

  • Dropping 12lbs of body weight from 202- 190

  • Losing 11% body fat

  • 5 inches from her waist

  • Gaining 14lbs in lean mass.

Personal trainer Jack Murray body transformation 8 week challenge

Coming in 3rd Patty Arcuri absolutely killing it;

  • An incredible 5 inches from her waist 

  • Gaining 11lbs in lean mass!

Personal trainer Jack Murray body transformation 8 week challenge

These were awesome results, but no one had to do anything crazy to get them. Everyone on the challenge had set backs, all challengers had small trips and holidays and everyone had a full time work schedule.

But they still had great results.

This because, yes they trained hard, but mostly they trained smart. Understood where to focus their attention and despite all the usual distractions that life has, they succeeded in their goal.

Due to the incredible success of ‘The 8 Week Challenge’ I am going to run another body transformation challenge again this fall.

If you are looking for a goal now the summer is winding down, here is your opportunity.

Starting September 6th, Body Evolution “The 8 week challenge” will start again!

The key ingredients to achieving a full Body Evolution is to combine;

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Adequate nutrition

  • Proper recovery protocol

  • Habit building to turn it into a lifestyle 

Put all these together in a  consistent week by week format you will find yourself building a platform for success and achieving the results your really want to feel and see!

We often set out with the intention of deciding we are going to get on that health kick, change the fitness routine, start looking for healthier food options, only to fall short of those goals or fail to maintain results for any length of time. It’s not just down to eating all the wrong foods or that we didn’t know the best workouts. While those are both major factors, the real problem is the failure to incorporate the right habits and behaviours consistently into our lives.


I will be your personal trainer for the next 8 weeks - starting 6th September, not only will you feel and look amazing but you will accomplish goals you never thought you would with my tried and tested formula!

So here's the challenge, if you choose to accept it;


  • Educate you on how to succeed

  • Create habits for sustainable results

  • Check-ins to keep you accountable 

  • Weekly fat burning workout with a program to achieve the results you want.

Jack Murray personal training

Now its time to pick which option will fit into your hectic schedule…

In Gym Option - Classes in Whistler

  • 1 group personal training session a week (Friday 7am)

  • 3 Body Composition Assessments -sit down with personal trainer to discuss challenges and strategies for your goals.

  • Weekly workout program

  • Workout video tutorials

  • Nutritional education, guidance and planning

  • Weekly educational email

  • Group accountability

  • Guidance from an expert personal trainer

    Online Option - Workout Class and consultations online

  • Weekly workouts, full body programmed schedule you can do anywhere!

  • Nutritional coaching

  • 3 Body composition assessments, via video call with your personal trainer to discuss challenges and strategies for your goals.

  • Weekly workout program

  • Workout video tutorials

  • Nutritional education, guidance and planning

  • Weekly educational email

  • Group accountability

  • Guidance from an expert personal trainer

  • OPTIONAL: Body composition measurements (within the gym)

    You will be making a great change in your life and on top of that you will be competing for a killer prize.

    Whoever can make the biggest change will be the challenge winner!


  • 3 month membership

  • 6 Personal Training sessions

  • Huge Stock of supplements including the full sport line from Cellucor

  • The glory of victory

PLUS an option to purchase 2 month gym pass for only $89


Looking forward to helping you smash your goals!

Yours in Health,

Jack Murray

jackmurraywcac@gmail.com | 778 887 9277