From Whistler Party Girl to Bodybuilding Bikini Pro

This months blog is dedicated to our newest sponsored athlete Michelle Elliott, she has achieved some incredible feats in a very short space of time. We at Whistler Creek Athletic Club have watched Michelles inspirational progression right from the very beginning!

Michelles Story

Discipline, motivation, organization and self-confidence are qualities that are needed to compete on the main stage. Sadly, until very recently these were all qualities that I had in short supply.

I would love to just drink, party, have fun and live for the moment. Months and then years would go by and my situation would never change. I began to realize that I was just wasting time and I hadn’t accomplished anything. I had no energy, ever, and my health was starting to suffer.

whistler party girl to bodybuilding pro

The Fitness Journey Begins

I decided to make a change to improve my health and one of my friends Navie convinced me to come with her to the Whistler Creek Athletic Club. I was less than clueless, and it quickly became apparent that I would need lots of help. After signing up with my first trainer Meaghan, I learnt how important it is to build strength and that if I wanted to get in better shape it wasn’t just going to come from just running on the treadmill.

Training really helped me to start growing. I felt so much healthier, my energy levels were better and I was feeling happier with more confidence.

When I was approached by Lylas, now my comp coach, I had been training for about 2 years. I had made a lot of improvements up to this point, I was stronger than ever before, but I had reached a long plateau in my progression and I had no real goals to speak of.

Personal Training

She introduced me to a whole new fitness industry that I had no idea about. I enjoyed the workout plans designed to sculpt the body, they were such a step up in intensity from how I’d gotten used to training by myself. We dialled in on my nutrition, which had been all over the place. Training intensely on a calorie deficit was not something I had ever experienced.

Working full time as a server, especially being in Whistler, was the hardest part about my prep. I had to learn to say no to certain situations like after work drinks that I knew would set me back.
I felt really isolated at times, always feeling like I was missing out.

A lot of sweat and tears were shed in the 20 weeks leading how to competition day. 
There is a lot of mental strength needed / gained to get through the final stage. You need get organized, which was really hard for me. I had to start prepping all my food for the week, weigh out portions to make sure I didn’t eat too much. When you’re trying to get that lean, it becomes a very precise science.

It took a while to get the habits made, but I started to become more disciplined in my routine.

The results really started to show and people would always comment how fit I was starting to look.  I felt the momentum building and my motivation with it.

Michelle Elliott bodybuilding whistler creek athletic club

Competition Day

Stage day is still a blur when I think back on it. The whole time up there I had tunnel vision and I just looked at my coach Lylas. I just focused on her shouting to engage my glutes more or to spread my lats while in poses.

I definitely have more appreciation for all the athletes out there, knowing all the hard work that goes into competing. I’ve learned a lot of new healthy habits, and gained self-confidence knowing if I put the effort in, and have the determination, I can accomplish those goals I never thought I thought I could.

bodybuilding bikini pro wnbf canada

The Bodybuilding Results

Michelle not only had an incredible fitness journey but the very first time she competed in a bikini competition, she won first place and the PRO title at same time at the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation! We couldn’t be prouder to have you train at Whistler Creek Athletic Club and can’t wait to support you in your next competition in October.

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