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Small group personal training whistler gym

Customized Group Personal Training

60 minutes

Course 4 weeks x2 sessions per week

Group Personal Training is a great opportunity to train in small teams of 3 to 6 with either friends or work mates. You pick the group and your ideal time to train!  

Work on a goal together, keeping each other motivated and dedicated. Perfect for both experienced athletes wanting to step up their game or a group of beginners looking to get fit! This is your chance to experience expert personal training and fitness education in an affordable and effective way.

Group personal training class whistler mandy dobbs whistler gym whistler creek athletic club

Group personal training 

60 Minutes

Looking for a full body workout and personal training on a budget? Why not join our class, a fun sociable session focusing on technique and control. If you are new to the gym or a seasoned veteran this class is for you - a low impact circuit class using free weight and resistance machines.

Richlife Whistler Bootcamp Richard Sivewright


60 Minutes 

The Bootcamp's intention is to increase fitness. Three classes per week focus on Strength, Core and Mental Fitness to get you mountain ready, reducing the impact of mountain ales. We lift barbells to gain strength; squat, deadlift, bench and row. We use balls, rocks, rollers and bodyweight to develop your core. We peak with high intensity circuit training to build horsepower, strip fat and increase your mental fitness.

Free yoga classes at the Sundial Hotel Tuesday/Thursday at 7am and 12pm on Fridays

Barre Fitness Class Whistler Lauren Perkins

Barre Fitness

60 minutes

The best elements from dance, Pilates, yoga, and functional training and created a unique cocktail that gives you the type of fitness buzz you only get from an entirely satisfying and exhausting workout. A variety of exercises that incorporate the use of mini-balls and small weights make Absolute Barre the most fun way to flatten your abs, firm your behind, and sculpt your body.



FITNESS challenge!

8 weeks - In the gym or online

Is it time to get into the shape? Would having daily accountability help you succeed? Want a personal trainer to guide you for 8 weeks for only $199 or $120 for our online option? Have the chance to win our biggest giveaway EVER! Well this is for you!!

Included in the program; 3 private Personal Trainer check ins, 1 group training session with a weekly workout program. Body composition testing. Weekly educational emails and challenges. Daily check ins, accountability and motivation. Plus our biggest giveaway EVER for the member who makes the biggest impact; 6 month membership
6 Personal Training sessions, huge stock of supplements and protein - participants will also be able to purchase a 2 month gym membership pass for only $89.