Meet the trainers


Mandy Dobbs

Over 30 years of knowledge and experience in all aspect of fitness with all age groups. 
Abilities to work “one-on-one”, with groups of any size or in a “class” format.


Sports Rehabilitation


NSCA certified Personal Trainer

Jodie Hands - Personal Trainer

Jodie Hands

Having always been interested in Sports and Fitness I love to share my knowledge and skill to help others improve and achieve goals. Enjoys fast paced activities with the use of body weight exercises.

‘When you feel like quitting, think about why you started’


Personal Trainer Level 3
Fitness Instructor Level 2
Studio Spin Cycle


Group Classes
High Intensity Interval Training
Body Weight Training
Running - Conditioning

Whistler Creek Athletic Club Personal Trainer Jack Murray

Jack Murray

A high knowledge and experience in many forms of training that help build good posture, muscle mass, strength and weight. An expert in client program design and eating plans. 


Weight loss
Strength building
Nutritional advice
Improving posture and technique


Personal trainer certification 3
Sports nutrition
Gym based boxing
Kettlebell instructor
TRX instructor

Personal Training

We believe that everyone should have access to Personal Trainers, not just the rich and famous, so we offer a number of different training options to cater to both your physical and financial needs.

Our Trainers will also work with your physiotherapist or medical specialist to help you recover from injury and regain your mobility and strength.

1 on 1 Training

WCAC Personal Trainers are certified and trained to work with you to achieve real results. 1 on 1 personal training sessions allow for individual goals to be identified and a personal program to be developed to gets results fast.

Virtual Personal Training

WCAC is on the cutting-edge of personal training and has developed a program that clients can take with them wherever they go. We create customized programs on an individualized basis accompanied by videos for each level of the program.

Group Training

Our Personal Trainers also work with groups of 6 – 8. This is great for friends who want to work out together! Plus, it’s a cost effective solution but still delivers great results!

Don’t have enough interested buddies to sign-up for Group Training? Contact us and we’ll let you know when enough people have signed up!
All courses are run depending on demand. Likewise if you have a class suggestion and we can get the minimum amount of people signed up, we will run it for you!

Prefer Group Classes?